Breast milk is a natural, perfectly packaged baby’s first food and contains a unique blend of nutrients to support your baby’s healthy development.  The act of breastfeeding strengthens the mother-baby bonding process, and gives moms and babies many health benefits including obesity prevention, immunity, and psychological closeness.



MHLC was organized in 1992 in response to the need to promote breastfeeding as the Gold Standard for infant nutrition to the medical and general community. MHLC members are professionals who support breastfeeding at hospitals, health centers, community based organizations, and within the community in private practice.  MHLC:

  • Offers technical assistance to workplaces to improve access to appropriate breast milk pumping facilities
  • Assists with Nursing Mothers Rock and Rest stations at public events
  • Coordinates local coalitions activities for World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month
  • Offers a premier Annual Breastfeeding Education Conference for lactation professionals. 
  • Become a Member of MHLC: Membership Application


Breastfeeding Basics: A Seminar for Expectant Parents and Grandparents To - Be
Get all your questions about breastfeeding answered:

  • How to know if your baby is getting enough
  • What to do if breastfeeding hurts

  • How Dad and Grandma and Family Can Help
  • Pumping and Working 

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