Culture of Health

Why is Adolescent Health Important?

Adolescence is a very important part of one’s development. During these years the body undergoes many changes; and because of these changes several health concerns may arise. For example, issues concerning the physical and mental health of an adolescent begin at this stage. In addition to those conditions, many adolescents tend to adopt risky health behaviors. Regular well-visits help to address these concerns. However in order for these visits to be effective, having a relationship with your primary doctor can make all the difference. This is why the Culture of Health Newburgh Movement is so important!

What is the Culture of Health Movement?

The Culture of Health Movement is a program with the goal of creating a Culture of Wellness in the Newburgh Community especially with youth and parents of adolescents. We aim to do so by recruiting and training youth and parent Wellness Ambassadors to advocate for Well-Visits. The goals of these Wellness Ambassadors will be to promote health and wellness, and to help to empower others especially their peers and family members to take charge of their health, and utilize Well-Visits and preventive healthcare. Youth Wellness Ambassadors and their families will help us create a healthier and brighter Newburgh for many generations into the future.

Through this movement we hope to decrease the number of visits to Emergency Rooms (ER) and Urgent Care by the youth and teens for reasons that are not emergencies. We hope to do so by raising awareness of the benefits of Well-Visits, especially for the youth population.

The organizations leading this movement are part of the Newburgh Community and they are committed to create a healthier and brighter Newburgh. These organizations are the Maternal-Infant Services Network (MISN), Merakey (The Center for Hope), the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh, and Safe Homes Inc.