Healthy Teens and Preteens

MiSN fosters the health of teens and preteens by building upon strengths that are already present.  Our youth programs help young people to tap into their own inner resources and create meaningful relationships with their peers and adults.  A big part of that is getting to know what matters to you including how to take care of your body, your feelings, and your dreams for the future.  Through this approach teens gain the confidence and skills they need for successful transitions to adulthood.

MiSN implements evidence- based and promising youth development and teen pregnancy prevention programs in a variety of settings that have been thoroughly tested and proven to reduce the risk factors associated with teen pregnancies and becoming a teen parent.

Want More Information on Our Youth Services?

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  • Project AIM Project AIM is a 14-session program for young adolescents designed to foster positive life choices by helping them to envision successful futures. They will learn to set goals, identify barriers to achievement, and learn how to reduce behaviors that would put them at risk for teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  • TOP Clubs: Teen Outreach Program by Wyman: A yearlong commitment where teens develop a vision for their own bright futures and hone their skills as leaders. Teens in TOP CLUBS develop their unique skills, learning how they can make a difference in their community and connect with peers and adults, laying the groundwork for healthy behaviors, practical life skills and a deep sense of purpose.

  • Girls Circle and Boys Council A safe place to connect, share, and be your best self. MiSN offers Girls Circles and Boys Councils at local schools, after school programs, faith –based organizations, juvenile facilities and anywhere that groups of boys or groups of girls gather on a regular basis. These structured groups for girls and boys ages 9-18, are designed to foster self-esteem, help maintain authentic connections with peers and adults in their community, and allow for genuine self-expression through sharing and creative activity.

For Parents and Adult Caregivers
of Pre-teens and Teens

How to Talk to Your Teen About Anything

This workshop sheds light on how parents and caregivers can engage their children in discussions that range from everyday challenges to those involving sexuality. We provide a basic overview of youth developmental stages, offer tips on how to keep the lines of communication open with your child, tools to help you answer those tough questions, and strategies to help make conversations more comfortable for you and your child.


Keeping Your Teen Safe In a Technological World

Youth are growing up in a world that requires them to spend a lot of time online for many reasons – education, socialization and entertainment. While they may derive benefits from access to technology, there are also potential risks. We’ll explain how teens use the web, the dangers that they could be exposed to, and what you can do as a parent or caregiver to protect your teen.